Plastic exports - Many potential

According to the plan for this item is $ 480 million, most reviews have said, should set a target of 650 million, up 36% from 2006 to strive. However, so far the export turnover reached $ 700 million, up 45.8% compared to 2006, plastic items have finished early and 4th of commodities strong growth (after mechanical, pepper and coffee).

Although the current scale export of this commodity in the average level (approximately $ 750 million in 2007) but has been showing the potential factors that can increase the scale in the future. Specifically, this is one of those items fast export growth of Vietnam in recent years, (always above 30%), with the market still very large and not too difficult to penetrate.

According to the statistics and assessment of Comtrade (statistical agency of the United Nations), then for plastic goods, Vietnam is likely to penetrate the market is relatively good and low taxes or equal treatment as the other exporting countries in most export markets. Besides, Vietnam's plastic items are currently being evaluated with high competitiveness, access to modern production technology of the world and are accepted by the market.

 The biggest problem posed is able to meet the requirements of the importers (mainly in terms of the number and types of products) is rather limited. Therefore, if you can solve the problem of inputs, as well as design products to meet large orders, plastic items of Vietnam fully capable of exporting a large scale due to the needs of world of commodities is very high (in 2006 at over $ 220 billion and imports an average growth of 7% / year).

With such advantages, is expected to export plastic products turnover in 2008 reached $ 1 billion, an increase of 42.9% over 2007. Overall this is one of the indicators is higher than the growth of items. Especially in addition to the above, the potential for plastic products also still many limitations.

 According to the Association of Plastic, dependence on inputs is always a big challenge for the plastic industry businesses. Show each year plastics demand from 1.4 to 1.5 million tons of raw materials, while Vietnam can only meet about 300,000 tons. Plastic products for export of Vietnam still have to go through an intermediary for the companies in the plastics no trade promotion strategy, branding and not penetrate directly into the distribution system or open sales system in the country. Therefore, the added value is not high.

The number of companies in the industry but up to 1,400 businesses but mainly medium and small, weak linkage industries. Therefore, firstly, the companies in the industry need to cooperate and work together to carry out large contracts, long-term; strong focus on investment for the production of equipment with modern machinery, application of advanced technologies of the countries in the world in the production, development of high-tech plastic products, plastic packaging products serve XK, especially the packaging can be used several times, the packaging biodegradable environmental protection.

Besides, the need to invest in the group with a competitive advantage, seriously develop the domestic market, products with high scientific factors, high technology and capital goods production to meet demand increasing the product localization service in the automotive industry, motor, electronic ..., service exports, agriculture and water supply infrastructure, consumer plastic products, children's toys ...

In addition to continuing to promote the exploitation of major import markets of Vietnam plastic products today are Japan, United States, Cambodia, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, Australia, France, Malaysia ... businesses need access to market the new EU member countries such as Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and other countries in Africa, the Middle East. These are promising market growth in export turnover.
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